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Shabu-shabu Course of Okinawan Cuisine and Aoooo Pig

Shabu-shabu Course of Okinawan Cuisine and Aoooo Pig

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Course that you can enjoy Okinawa cuisine with Okinawa brand pig 'Ahuu pig'.Please enjoy a classic Okinawan cuisine with a superb shabu shab up a notch.Take advantage of the hospitality of our guests both inside and outside the prefecture and luxury dinner on your trip.«The commitment of our shop» Please enjoy the additive course made up of convincing ingredients to complement the flavor of the meat.

Course menu

Ichinose grapes, mimicr, soup found trees

2 · Jimmy's Tofu

Assorted island vegetable platter

Four · Aeugo pig shabu-shabu (one person Ahuu pig 80 g)

☆ Please enjoy the brand pig "Aegu pig" that Okinawa is proud of.All five types are attached ... Sake homemade sesame sauce / plum mochi / soup juice ponzu / 2 types of salt (rough salt of Yagogijima / Niigata prefecture flower salt) * Due to season change

Wu · Homemade Raftey

Six · Goya Champloo or Tofu Champloo

Seven-ling cookie or Okinawa soba

☆ The delicious shabu shabu is gotten in a condensed soup, an extreme gem.8. Today's dessert

* There are cases when contents change according to the season.Please check with the store.

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